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Tue. May 24th, 2022
This is my book language in Bangla .I hope the book for English will come out very soon

In quantum mechanics particles all behave like ghosts 👻 . Sometimes I am forced to think whether I am actually alive or dead ! Who am I according to quantum mechanics ? Where according to the theory of relativity the velocity of something will not be greater than that of light but the two particles receive each other’s effect faster than light . Einstein called this  incident a ghost shoot . Quantum mechanics is very diverse. It is not possible to match it with anything real . Where , according to Newton’s law , if the momentum of an object is measured accurately , then the position of the object can also be known . According to quantum mechanics , that is by no means possible . According to Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle , ” the momentum and position of a particle can never be determined simultaneously “. 

Einstein was against this principle . Einstein considered Quantum mechanics to be incomplete   . Although the foundations of Quantum mechanics have been in his hands yet he could not accept quantum mechanics . Max planck and his Quantum theory have changed the thinking world of classical physics . Despite the success of Quantum theory , he was against uncertainty . He used to say , ” The creator  does not play dice . According to him , there is a secret rule that leads to uncertainty . The appearance of the book Nishchoyota Niti ( certainty law ) for the purpose of unveiling that secret rule . The equation of uncertainty principle is  applicable in quantum and real world .

This book is published under the title uncertainty policy.  The principle of certainty ( Nishchoyota Niti ) is a hypothesis. This book shows the relation between the principle of certainty and the principle of uncertainty . Why does the uncertainty come ? The book certainty policy appeared to answer these questions . There is no need to have a velocity greater than the  velocity of light to communicate between two particles . In order to maintain the conservation law of energy two particles , no matter how far apart they are , they will behave according to the conservation law of energy . All those explanations are given inside . Why does uncertainty come ? A wave is involved with all the particles . In this book I have called it the wave created  with particles . Particles are located in these created waves but we do not know the position of the particles at any particular point . If we calculate θ ≥ π/2 between the particle and the wave created with the particle , uncertainty will come . In fact , Einstein wanted to explain this to everyone . There is a secret rule that leads to uncertainty . When Newton’s law goes into the quantum world and the object gets closer to the speed of light , it becomes immobile . Newton’s law is not applicable everywhere.The principle of certainty has been formulated like Newton’s formula without losing relativity . The angular momentum of Bhor can be accurately determined through the principle of certainty given in this book.  The condition of Bhor’s energy radiation is shown by uncertainty principle . The principle of certainty has been established in such a way that the conservation law of energy is maintained. When we emit light to see electrons , the higher the energy of the photon , the more uncertain the momentum of the electron . But the power of the photon was not calculated according to Heisenberg’s law of uncertainty . In the principle of certainty , the momentum of an electron is determined by calculating the energy value of that photon .

According to the principal of certainty , if force is applied to particle while observing it , the frequency of the wave created with the particle will change . If the frequency and velocity of the particle involved are known 100% accurately , then where the particle will be in the future will also be known 100% accurately.But sad  to say , we still don’t know what an electron looks like . We cannot see the particle even if we know it is position 100% accurately by the principle of certainty . Because we have not yet been able to discover that technology . If we can ever discover technology , then the meaning of the principle of certainty can be understood . 

We do not see the electron but try to perceive the electron in the bunch of waves attached to it . But then the possibility arises And understand Heisenberg’s principle of uncertainty . The principle of certainty will not disprove Heisenberg’s  principle  and the schrodinger equation . It will be possible to understand why uncertainty and possibility come . When we calculate  θ≥ π/2 between the electron and the wave associated with it then the uncertainty comes . This is the essence of the certainty law .

I would not say the principle of certainty is a theory , only mathematically it is theory. Many important formulas of quantum mechanics can be proved by the principle of certainty . So it’s a mathematical theory to me . The invention of this theory to rescue from the terrible stems of quantum mechanics . This book has been started from the concepts and failures of classical physics , gradually entering the interior of quantum mechanics . Terrible quantum mechanics has been followed by the principle of uncertainty .

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